EzyMarketer have recently introduced a great opportunity for both you and your contacts. We are giving your contacts the opportunity of becoming Beta Testers for EzyWebinarPRO and our brand new WebMeeting Platform where they will receive 30 days of FREE ACCESS to BOTH Platforms. At the end of 30 Days, should they wish to subscribe, they can do so within 7 days and receive our Pre-Launch Pricing of a whopping 50% OFF our normal Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime Subscriptions. You will earn an ongoing 25% commission for their Paid Subscription and any further product subscriptions as they will be tagged to you for life.

Become An beta Tester
Become An beta Tester

Log into EzyMarketer and generate a COUPON CODE for “EzyWebinarPRO Beta Tester”. Watch the quick video at: to learn how to generate Coupon Codes.

When you have generated a Coupon Code, pass it on to your Family, Friends and Business Associates and then direct them to to enable them to become a Beta Tester for 30 Days. The easiest way to notify your contacts is via the Tell A Friend Notification System. The Tell A Friend Video will show you how to quickly and easily do that. You can cut and paste the information in Tell A Friend and send it to your contacts via Messenger or even post it on your Facebook Timeline.

Your prospects enter your Coupon Code in Step 3 below:

Advise your prospects go to to apply to become a Beta Tester and complete the Quick and EZY Application.

Step 1: Create Profile

Step 2: AGREE To Beta Tester Terms

Step 3: Join


When your Referral joins, they will instantly receive an email with their EzyMarketer log in details which will enable them to instantly access BOTH EzyWebinarPRO and EzyWebMeetings.

You will receive an email thanking you for your new referral so you will know when your Family, Friends & Associates sign up.

That’s it, all you need to do now is generate your Tell a Friend Coupon Code and share the love…. Your referrals will love you as they get to use BOTH EzyWebinarPRO and EzyWebMeetings for 30 days and then for providing us with their valuable feedback, they will be able to subscribe for a whopping 50% off our Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime Subscription and you benefit from helping us grow by earning an ongoing 25% commission. That is what we call Win/Win/Win Marketing as we all benefit.

We are standing by ready to help your Family, Friends & Associates take their online presence to the next level with Online Web Meetings and Webinars.

Kind Regards

And The EzyMarketer TEAM

P.S. This is a Time Limited Opportunity. Generate your Special Coupon Code right now and get it out there so you can maximize your success with this Special Opportunity!