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Your Seven Day Trial requires you to host a Domain on our servers because unlike other Landing Page Creators, we do not host your Landing Pages on our website, they are hosted on YOUR website. We are all about helping you build YOUR brand on YOUR website.

2 Trial Options

1. You Already Own A Domain

If you already own a Domain, you can nominate it on Step 2 of the simple 3-Step sign up process and we will set up the web hosting for that Domain.

2. You Do Not Own A Domain Or Do Not Want To Use An Existing Domain

You can nominate a Domain that you want us to register for you on Step 2. It only costs $12.97 to register a Domain with us. If you choose this option, your Trial Price will be $13.97 ($1 + $12.97)

Web Hosting Bonus

In addition to the Unlimited Landing Pages & Websites you can create with our *3 Web Builders, you also get Lifetime Hosting for 1 Domain… and NO LIMITS. This means you never have to worry about how much room you've got on your server. And...Unlimited Bandwidth means you never have to upgrade to a higher plan.

* For ease and simplicity, our 3 Web Builders are being merged into 1 Mega Web Builder. Once merged, you will not need to learn 3 different platforms as all of the Landing Pages and Websites will be able to be built quickly and easily using our existing 10 Step Process that is currently used for building EzyLandingPages. Our Programmers are furiously coding the amalgamation and we anticipate it to be launched in May. This will be a FREE UPGRADE for all existing clients

SHOULD YOU CANCEL within the 7 day trial period and you paid us to register a domain for you, we will transfer the domain to you and gift you 12 months of web hosting. We are THAT CONFIDENT that you will love the ease and simplicity of our program that you have zero risk with trying our product as the Trial Price is purely for the Registration of your Domain and Web Hosting Setup.

YES, I understand that I need to host 1 of my Domains on your Server to be able to activate my Seven Day Trial for only $1. IF I do not already own a Domain, I can register one with you for an additional $12.97, making my Trial a total of $13.97

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