Not only are our Web Builders soooo simple to use, they come with
built-in cutting edge marketing tools like Opt-In Pages and AutoResponders
to automate your follow up marketing.

Get The World’s Easiest Video Landing Page Creator Today

Tired of never knowing when your prospects watch your presentation video and don’t have time or the discipline to follow up, then you need to try EzyLandingPages TODAY!

Our cutting edge marketing machine notifies you when a prospect opts in to watch your video and then continually follows up with them, helping to automatically convert more sales/signups.


Opt in now to watch our quick video that shows you how quick and Ezy it is to create an amazing looking Video Landing Page. You’ll also get to see the power of the built-in Autoresponders that will put your follow up marketing on auto-pilot.

Video Landing Pages
Lead Capture Pages
Opt-In Form Creator
Campaign Tracking
Contact Lists
Lead Uploads
Contact Manager Capacity
Custom Autoresponders
Email Templates
Easy WYSIWYG Editing
Email Personalization
Automatic Bounce Handling
Send Now Or Later
Send To Multiple Lists At Once
One-Click Unsubscribe Links
Open/Link/Unsubscribe Reporting
Split Testing
Google Analytics Integration
Newsletter Creator
Email Broadcasting
Surveys & Feedback Forms
Real Time Notification
Domain Name
Lifetime Web Hosting

*5,000 Per Month




Start With A Blank Canvas

EzyMarketer’s Website Builder has a very clean, minimalistic and simple interface. We do not believe in clutter or a million and ten different bells, whistle and buttons. Only the stuff that you really need to create an awesome looking website!

STEP 1: Drag and Drop

Start with a blank canvas and then choose an element on the left and simply drag and drop it to the right onto your canvas.

STEP 2: Preview & Save

Click on the Preview to see what your website will look like on a Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet. If you love the way your website looks then click the “Save” button.

STEP 3: Upload

When you “Save” your Website or Landing Page you simply click the “Upload” Icon. If you do not want your Website or Landing Page to be on your Home Page, you simply name the directory. and then click the “Upload” button on the pop up.

CONGRATULATIONS Your New Website Is Now Online

Did you see that? EzyMarketer’s Website Builder is fully integrated to your Website Hosting so you do not need to create an FTP Account or use a File Transfer System to Upload your Website. You simply click “Upload” and EzyMarketer automatically syncs with your Hosting Control Panel to set up your FTP Account and Upload your Website.

EzyMarketer’s Website Builder contains everything you need to build awesome looking Landing Pages & Websites at lightning speed.

Our Pricing

1, 2 or 4 Column fully Customizable Prizing Tables

Elements are ready to go features that will help you quickly build your website.

For example: Lets say you need to add a Pricing Table, there is an element for that. You simply drag and drop it onto your page!

You need to add a Button? What about inserting a Video? Or adding 2 or 3 column Text or a combination of Text and Images? There are Elements for all of those and many MORE. All of which are fully customizable. Yup, you can quickly and easily change the colors for example.


1, 2 or 3 Column fully Customizable Testimonial Placeholders Too


Drag an drop stunning looking Headers with Built-In Menus. You can add or remove as many Menu items as you wish and link them to either internal or external pages.


There are Elements galore in the Content section that are all fully customizable. There are way too many to list them all. Here are just a few....

Text On The Left With An Image On The Right

Text On The Right With An Image On The Left


There are a ton of fully customizable Footer Elements too. Some with a basic single line of Content and others with an array of Content like Your Location (Click for Map) and even your Social Media details. Here are 2 examples....

Single Line Content

Lots More Content

Plans & Pricing

We like to keep things simple... One Plan that enables you to create :

UNLIMITED Landing Pages



and... you can host them on UNLIMITED Domains that you host with us so you are building YOUR BRAND and not ours. There is NO EzyMarketer branding on your Landing Pages or Websites and they are hosted on YOUR Domain/s not ours!


We’ll even throw in FREE HOSTING for one of your Domains when you first set up your account!

Why Do We Include FREE Web Hosting?

We’ll come to that in a minute...

Our One Simple Plan covers UNLIMITED Landing Pages AND UNLIMITED Websites and it even includes our built-in cutting edge Contact Manager (See Below) that contains essential marketing tools like Opt-In Pages and Autoresponders to automate your follow up marketing.

YES.... Built-in Autoresponders means that you DO NOT need a 3rd Party Autoresponder service. That one benefit alone could mean that your subscription to our Web Builders is effectively *FREE as our Autoresponder service allows you to have UNLIMITED Contacts and UNLIMITED Contact Lists AND it includes *5,000 monthly email sends.

*FREE: As per the screenshot below taken on the 17th of December 2016 of AWeber’s prices, if your subscriber list is greater than 500, you would be paying $29/month. Our One Simple Plan subscription is ONLY $34.97/month for UNLIMITED Subscribers.

*5,000 monthly email sends are included our in low monthly subscription. Should you wish to send more than 5,000 emails for the month, you can add extra email credits to your account. These extra email credits do not expire at the end of the month, they have a whopping 12 month lifespan.

Check Out The Powerful Features Of Our Contact Manager

(Included FREE With Our One Simple Plan...)

Create Opt In Codes

You can quickly and easily create Opt-InCodes to capture prospect details from the Opt-In Form on your website.

Create Contact Lists

EzyContactManager is a full-on CRM (Client Relationship Manager) so you can create UNLIMITED Contact Lists that automatically stores your Prospects details that you capture from your website using EzyMarketer’s Opt-In Codes.

Create Autoresponders

When a Prospect Opts-In to your list from your website, you can send them UNLIMITED Autoresponders to constantly follow up.

Newsletter Creator

EzyContactManager enables you to create awesome looking Newsletters to send to your Prospects/Clients. We have dozens of templates available for you to chose from our you can create your own Custom Template.

Bulk Emailer

EzyContactManager utilizes Amazon’s Cutting Edge Servers to ensure market leading email delivery. You receive 5,000 email credits each month with your EzyMarketer All Inclusive One Simple Plan.

Should you wish to send more than 5,000 emails for the month, you can top up your bulk email account with lots of 100,000 email credits.

Extra Email Credit Pricing
$49.97 for 100,000
$249 for 500,000 Promotional Pricing: $166 (33% off)
$499 for 1,000,000 Promotional Pricing: $249 (50% off)
These are unheard of prices for sending bulk email.

1. Monthly Email Credits
Unused Monthly Email Credits expire each monthly billing cycle. Your account is then topped back up to give you a total of 5,000 Email Credits at the start of each Monthly Billing Cycle.
2. Pre-Purchased Email Credits
You have a full 12 months from date of purchase to use your Pre-Purchased Email credits.
3. NO Contracts / NO Monthly Commitments
Other Bulk Email Providers require you to lock into a monthly commitment with them and charge depending of the number of Prospects/Clients that you have in your Contact Lists. We DO NOT believe in taxing you for your success. We encourage your success!!! Which is why most of our clients come from referrals of other happy clients!

Why Do We Include FREE Web Hosting?

We include FREE Web Hosting for 1 Domain to enable you to use our extremely powerful Contact Manager. You can send your Autoresponders and Bulk Emails from any email address that you set up for the Domain that you host with us.

Now here is the GameChanger...

We enable you to create UNLIMITED Landing Pages and UNLIMITED Websites for UNLIMITED Domains that you host with us. That is right, if you host 5 Domains with us, you can create UNLIMITED Landing Pages and UNLIMITED Websites for all 5 Domains.

And YES, if you host 100 Domains with us, you can create UNLIMITED Landing Pages and UNLIMITED Websites for all of your 100 Domains, all managed from One Account with One Login.


You can can send your Autoresponders and Bulk Emails from any email address that you set up for the Domains that you host with us. YES, even if you host 100 Domains with us!!!

Now think about that for a minute....

If you run 5 different businesses you would need 5 separate Autoresponder or Bulk Email accounts with aWeber or the other Autoresponder services. With EzyMarketer, you can run them ALL from One Single Account, saving you a small fortune on your Online Marketing Costs!

Speaking of “costs”...

How much is EzyMarketer’s Web Building Suite?

Our “All Inclusive” One Simple Plan is ONLY $34.97 per Month or $349 per Year. By paying Yearly you are effectively getting 2 months FREE. Yeh we know, INSANE VALUE, eh! :-)

By paying Yearly you are effectively getting 2 Months FREE.

Yeh we know, INSANE VALUE, eh! :-)

We know how Awesome our All In One Web Builder and Marketing Suite is, which is why we can give you a 7 Day Trial for Only $1. That’s right, you can get started RIGHT NOW for only $1. (Click on the 7 Day Trial button to the right to read the simple Terms and Conditions of our Trial)

Add On Domains

After you set up your account, should you wish to add extra Domains, we will host them for you so you can build Landing Pages or full on Websites plus use all of the powerful marketing tools within Contact Manager for ONLY $19.97 per Domain. YES, that is a ONE-TIME Crazy Low $19.97, NOT a Monthly Fee, that is a ONE TIME setup fee for each additional Domain. All you need to do is maintain your initial subscription of only $34.97 per Month or $349 per Year.

So that means.....

You can set Autoresponders and send Bulk Email from EVERY Add On Domain without having to set up separate accounts.

AND, here is the kicker.....

Every Domain gets it’s own separate Control Panel. YES, for the life of your subscription to EzyMarketer, you get Web Hosting with a separate Control Panel for EVERY Domain that you host with us.

I guess you are now wondering how good our Web Hosting is?

We have the technology covered. All you have to do is…


As soon as you complete the simple sign up process, you will get access to all of the cutting edge tools listed above within minutes. All totally set up and operational for you, including your Web Hosting so you can bring over your old websites and emails etc etc.


No matter how simple a system is, if you don’t understand how to use it, you won’t use it. Once logged in, go to the Support Section and watch our simple Step-by-Step Training Videos that will prepare you for immediate action to build your business!


Choose your Domain Name (Website Name) and start sharing. Your powerful Lead Capture Pages (Sales Funnels) will work for you 24/7, continually following up in the background, converting prospects into sales.

As you can no doubt see, EzyMarketer’s Web Building Suite has it all… We even set up the hosting for your Domain included in the $1 Trial. You will be able to quickly and easily build Websites, Video Landing Pages and Image Landing Pages for every domain that you host with us.

As you capture leads with the built-in Opt-In Forms, our built-in Autoresponders then kick in to automate your follow up marketing, helping you generate leads and convert them into sales 24 x 7. Your leads automatically go into your Contact Manager where you can manage both your Clients and Prospects as Contact Manager is a fully featured CRM.

With Contact Manager you can also send Bulk Email to your List/s (YES, you can even import your existing lists and email immediately), Create and Send Newsletters, and much much more... EzyMarketer is designed to be Quick and Ezy. AND... We even include 5,000 email credits to be used each month.

Should you need to send more than 5,000 emails for the month, you can easily add extra credits very inexpensively. IF you’re a bulk emailer, talk to us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our market leading bulk email rates. All sent via Amazon’s SES Email Servers, guaranteeing the best deliverability in the industry!

Start your $1 Seven Day Trial right now so you can take your online presence to another level.

I can’t wait to hear your success story!

You’re going to love this!

Kind Regards

And The EzyMarketer TEAM