Tell-A-Friend Program

As a cutting edge technology company, we have created another “Game Changer” with our built-in Affiliate Program that we call “Tell-A-Friend”. Clients automatically become Affiliates and can create Discount Coupon Codes from within EzyMarketer’s Dashboard.

So how does it work?

It is all about creating a Win/Win/Win…

You can create a Coupon Code to give to your Family, Friends & Associates that will save them 25% off our website pricing. And then, not only do your Friends save 25% but YOU make 25% instant commission! Yup, that’s right, your friends save 25% and YOU make 25% which creates the perfect Win/Win…

We gain a new customer that we may never have been able to acquire from our normal marketing so we ALL win!

Our Clients LOVE our Tell-A-Friend Program because their Friends save money, unlike the run-of-the-mill Affiliate Programs that make you feel like a 2nd class citizen trying to sell stuff to your Family and Friends…

Watch This Quick Video To See Our Cutting Edge Tell-A-Friend Program In Action…


To become a successful Networker, you need to develop a TEAM of successful Networkers under you. EzyMarketer’s WebBuilders can help you do that. Utilize the power of our EzyLandingPage Creator where you can embed your Company video with an opt in form. Meaning, you send your prospects a link to Your Website, NOT your Company’s Website or YouTube.

WHY do that?

  • To promote YOUR Brand / YOUR Website
  • You get notified when your Prospect Opts In to watch your video AND you also get notified then they have finished watching your video so you know when to make personal follow ups!

If you create a Video Landing Page with Autoresponders to automate your follow up marketing, you can click on the “Clone” button, to get a “Clone Code” to give to your Downline. If they subscribe to EzyMarketer too, they simply Import your “Clone Code” and the entire system is automatically set up for them.

Remember, the more successful your help your TEAM become, the more successful YOU become.


If you’re an Internet Marketer, you’ll know that there is a massive gap in the marketplace for a simple Video Landing Page Creator with Built - In Autoresponders. The others are just too darn complicated…

And what about promoting our Lifetime Website Hosting with UNLIMITED Everything…. For a One Time low, low fee.

Look again at what everyone receives for Only $34.97/Month or $349/Year

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Unlimited Video landing Pages
  • Unlimited Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Contact Lists
  • Email Newsletter Creator
  • Bulk Emailer For Sending Newsletters or Marketing Promotions or even drip feed Course Content
  • 5,000 Monthly Email Credits (You will receive 5,000 email credits in your account each month)
  • Extremely Discounted Bulk Email
  • Access to our simple but extremely powerful EzyLandingPages, EzyWordPress and EzyWebsiteBuilder
  • All bundled in one Ezy to use interface

Let’s All Work Together To Save Your Family & Friends Some Money AND Make YOU A Great Passive Residual Income!